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Dear friend,

My Father and I are overjoyed that you chose to follow me. To
welcome you I want to share some things with you that will help you
as you, and I, walk together.

My Father has seen to it that some instructions are written that
you'll want to know. Please read the Instruction Manual (The Bible)
regularly. Our enemy, Satan, will try to sell you some lies, and my
Father and I want you to know the truth, so that Satan's tactics
won't deceive you.

He will tell you that, because you have sinned, we don't love you
anymore. I tell you that God loves you so much that He sent me into
the world to die for your sins, so that we could forgive you, and so
that you might have everlasting life. And I love you so much, that I
willingly made that sacrifice. In fact, we loved you before you even
so much as made one move towards repenting of your sins. And because
I defeated death, you and your loved ones will too.

Satan will tell you that there is no hope. I came into the world so
that hope is exactly what there is. Not only hope for eternal life,
but hope that, through my strength, you can overcome all things, be
it habits, Satan's lies, fears, sickness, even poverty.

Satan will try to lead you back into a sinful lifestyle by reminding
you of pleasurable times you had while you were in your sins. I tell
you that you can have much joy in the company of Godly friends.
Therefore, I give you a second piece of advice to help you as we
enjoy our life together.

Please find a church to worship in. Something to look for: A church
that teaches that the Bible is the final authority. There are
churches that build themselves up based on the teachings of a man. I
won't name these churches, but you'll know them by their fruits.
Stay away from them. And, this is important, a church where I would
be found at regularly believes in the power of prayer. So here is my
third piece of advice, in modern to me.

While it is true that my Father and I know all things, and know what
you have need of before you ask, we need to hear from you. Not only
is it good for you in terms of fighting off temptation, but it will
help you learn to recognize my voice. One more piece of advice that
you need as we begin our relationship.

Be baptized.
There are those that will tell you that being baptized isn't
necessary, and they will site the example of the thief that died next
to me, that I said to him, "this day you will be with me in
paradise". There are those, also, who will tell you that baptism is
so necessary that I couldn't really have covered the sins of that

Where do they get off judging?! If because the thief on the cross
was not forgiven because he was in no position to be baptized, then
they insult me and declare me a liar. I am the way, the truth, and
the light. If baptism weren't necessary, then when John baptized me
it was for nothing. I came into the world to fulfill all
righteousness and to set the perfect example of the way to go.

My beloved new friend, I must close this letter, for now, but until
we speak to each other again, either from the Bible, or through your
prayers, and always, I remain your Lord, your Savior, and your friend,


Written down for you by, R. Mark Lemmon
(an independent minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ),
as dictated by the leading of the Holy Spirit.